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Blackjack Fight to Win was written as a tool to help other Blackjack players win money! Throughout the book you will see many pictures showing the success Addie has had in the game of Blackjack. The pictures are real and are an indication of the success you will have after reading this book. This book teaches the winning strategy that all Blackjack players must know if they are looking for that million-dollar payday. If you ever talked about wanting to win big and just never knew what you needed to do, what strategy you needed, or you just couldn’t develop that winning plan, the wait is over; your struggles and dreams can now be a reality! Blackjack Fight to Win teaches you what no one else has ever cared to share; this book teaches you how to win big!

Blackjack Fight to Win is more than a book on Blackjack that teaches the experienced player how to improve their game. The book not only teaches experienced players, it also teaches the new beginner how to play the game correctly, what the beginner and the experienced player should be watching for with patterns of the cards, how to change the cards to benefit you, and how to maximize your opportunities when they present themselves. This is the book you will want to read, and the book you will talk about to your friends when they ask how you learned to win thousand-dollar stacks at the casino. Although this book is entertaining with many stories to break up the learning process, it also reveals a brief history of cards and the origin of Blackjack. But the most compelling reason to read this book is the financial success that will impress your friends and your banker!

Blackjack Fight To Win

About the Author

Addie Guillory

Addie Guillory

Addie was raised in Bridge City a small town in Texas. In high school Addie was more intent on having fun than he was learning. However, after graduating high school Addie began a long journey of education and after many years of learning construction trades through various schools, he succeeded in earning a position as a Project Manager with an established construction company. Through his journey in education he learned that reading and comprehension was a vital path to success. In this process Addie discovered he loved to read, this love of reading eventually blossomed into a love of writing. 

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